Friday, September 26, 2014

Breast stretch marks

Breast stretch marks
Breast stretch marks

Breast stretch marks are a common problem for many women. These are the fine lines or grooves that vary in color and may appear as reddish early and turn into silvery white or when they are already "old." Stretch marks are caused by small tears in the skin. These marks develop when the skin is essentially stretched over its limit because of rapid growth. Streaks and lines on the chest share the same cause.

These lines and ugly and often itchy streaks often first appear darker than the surrounding skin and may develop as a red or purplish mark. In time, the lines will disappear, causing slight recognizable color that indicates permanent scarring of the dermal layer. The skin is a bit like a rubber band is flexible, but when stretched too much, it can form minute tears and eventually tear. If you are pregnant, it is likely that you will develop the problem on your breasts, with marks on the stomach, hips and thighs. Many women gain weight during pregnancy fast, expanding the problem on the breasts and other areas where the skin is booming.

However, breast stretch marks do not occur only in women. They can grow on anyone at any age. For example, men can develop on the chest area due to the construction of the body. This is because when muscles are obtained too quickly, the skin becomes too tight.

There are many other causes of breast stretch. They include adolescent development, the gain or loss weight fast, and the use of human growth hormones and some steroids.

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