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Do Not Let Stretch Marks Invade Your Body

Stretch marks are lines on the skin, which usually occurs when the skin is stretch a lot over a short period. This can be seen in particular during pregnancy. The medical term for stretch marks is streak.

Stretch marks start as red lines on the skin that are slightly raised. The color of stretch marks depends on the color of the skin of the person who. They can sometimes appear pink, reddish brown or dark brown.

They are usually similar in lines. The appearance of the skin is thin and gray and sometimes appears as a scar. They are usually pale and happen to be less obvious.

Stretch marks can get anywhere on the skin that has been stiffed. They normally occur on parts of the skin where fat is stored, such as the abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks.

This is a bad idea that only women can have stretch marks because they are the only ones able to conceive. Even men can stretch to brand.

What are the causes of stretch marks is that when the skin is suddenly tense. The outer layer of the skin is not really affected, but the dermis becomes thinner and develops insignificant tears.

There is one aspect of stretch marks in the body due to the following conditions:

1. Pregnancy - Almost 90 percent of pregnant women who obtained develop stretch marks on stomach areas of the legs or thighs, chest and shoulders. Normally, this stretch mark appears on the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

2. Development of adolescence - Boys often get stretch marks on their shoulder while girls get on their hips, thighs and chest, as they tend to grow rapidly.

3. Athletes - Athletes training or going to the gym to become bigger and stronger sometimes get stretch marks.

4. The weight gain / weight loss - Set a lot of weight over a short period can also cause stretch marks. And if you are on a diet and intention to lose weight, there is a possibility in the appearance of stretch marks.

On relieving stretch marks, nothing is known as an exact treatment for stretch marks. But the following initial treatment can help to slightly fade stretch marks.

Moisturizers and - Creams containing alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) can help reduce stretch marks. The creams are not yet proven to prevent stretch marks but they may reduce the ugly appearance of stretch marks.

Laser surgery - this does not remove stretch marks, but it can help them to not be noticeable.

Surgery - this is a very expensive option and extreme, but it can remove stretch marks below the navel.

Now, to avoid stretch marks it is important to maintain a healthy weight. Diets that can cause your weight to change quickly can cause stretch marks.

You also have to massage your daily skin with a moisturizer to improve blood circulation which promotes new tissue to appear. It is also important to eat healthy foods that help keep skin healthy.

Finally, if you are a pregnant woman and do not want stretch marks, eat healthy foods and prudent. It is not really recommended for you to eat a lot of food. You just need to take extra calories to feed you the unborn child. But take note, those calories should come from a well-balanced diet.


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