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Natural Treatment For Penis Stretch Marks

Natural Treatment For Penis Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the penis do not affect sexual performance in terms of physical ability of a man, but men who have visible scars on the surface of the skin of the penis can be extremely self-conscious about their appearance. This can lead to decreased self-esteem, social embarrassment and even erectile problems in men who are affected. It is not an indicator of any health problem and are mainly cosmetic concern. It may be possible to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin using skin treatments such as microdermabrasion or laser therapy.

However, these treatments are often prohibitive, and men can be naturally reluctant to expose the family jewels to potentially harmful procedures. Fortunately, with the right approach penis skin care, it may be possible to avoid developing stretch marks in the first place and to minimize their appearance when they do form. The information here can provide men with some useful tips for the treatment of natural penis skin.

What are stretch marks?

They are a form of scarring that occurs as a result of the tearing of the dermis. It can affect all parts of the body including the abdomen, breasts, arms, legs, buttocks, and penis. They typically form due to rapid weight change (gain or loss) or due to hormonal changes in the body because of puberty, pregnancy, or hormone replacement therapy. Stretch marks on the penis are often the result of the change in size due to the erection.

Is it possible to prevent them?

There is no guarantee that this can be avoided completely; however, men can take steps to reduce the likelihood of developing superficial scars by keeping the skin well hydrated, maintaining a consistent body weight (and healthy) and avoiding unnecessary hormone treatments such as those used by some bodybuilders and other athletes for improving implementation performance.

Natural treatments for stretch marks on the penis :

Although stretch marks usually do not disappear completely, they tend to fade over time so that they are not as visible on the surface of the skin. For best results, they should be treated in the first six weeks or more after they form, when they are reddish or purple.

Some of the most commonly recommended treatments to reduce the appearance of stretch marks are:

Cocoa butter or shea butter - These natural plant oils are very effective to nourish the skin and mitigate the effects of stretching. Use as a preventive measure may be more effective, but many people have reported an improvement in the appearance of the skin after using a cream containing either cocoa or shea butter.

Aloe vera gel - Aloe is well known for its healing properties and can have a beneficial effect on stretch marks if used soon after they appear.

Vitamin E Oil - Vitamin E is essential for maintaining the skin's structure, as well as to protect the skin against environmental damage. Many dermatologists recommend the use of vitamin E, which may be obtained in some creams or applied directly by the rupture of the capsules of vitamin E and open friction in oil.

Vitamin A - Vitamin A is used to treat different types of skin blemishes including acne scars, wounds, or stretch marks. Like vitamin E, vitamin A is most effective when applied directly to the affected area.

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