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The Power Of Faith

How we benefit from the power of faith
The Power Of Faith

There is a thin line between failure and success. The difference between what makes something or someone a success instead of failure is faith. Every change in this life is based on faith, without the belief, all your efforts will be useless.

The power of faith can change any story from failure to success. Those who managed to change their lives are telling us in their stories about how they were close to giving up without that spiritual belief.  One of these stories took place in the northern region of Armenia (part of the Soviet Union) during 1988 Armenian earthquake. Our story will show you what the power of faith can do, our story will teach you not to lose hope as long as your heart is beating. 
1988 Armenian earthquake
1988 Armenian earthquake destruction
In less than four minutes over 25000 people were killed and the area buildings had been flattened. A man left his wife safely at home, rushing to the school where his son studied. But there was no school, like the majority of other buildings in the town, it had been flattened. The man was shocked, as the other parents who were weeping for their children. The man remembered his promise to his son "No matter what, I'll always be there for you when you need me!" and tears filled his eyes. He looked where his son's classroom had been located, and he started removing the rubble.

While he was digging the other parents told him " It's too late ... They are dead ... You can't help ... Go home ... Facing the reality, there is nothing you can do! ". But his response was the same to any of them " Are you going to help me now? ". He also ignored the fire chief and the police words that he was in danger ... Again that loving father only responded, " Are you going to help me now?".

He kept digging alone for more than 36 hours until he managed to make a hole to the inside. He screamed his son’s name, “Armand! ... His son's voice responded: "Dad! It's me...Armand!" " I've told the other kids not to worry. I told them that if you were alive, you'd save me, and when you saved me, they'd be saved. You promised you would always be there for me! You did it, Dad!".

That Man managed to save his son Armand and 13 more frightened, hungry, thirsty boys and girls to get out of the rubble.

Why do you think he kept removing the rubble although there was no sign of life? This true story illustrates the power of this father's faith. This man was not a superhero, but a man with spiritual faith.

So, in conclusion you can obtain your goals and get what you are looking for as long as you work hard and believe that God will help you to achieve it. Have Faith!


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